Serving Overseas With SOS

Woven into the fabric of SOS Ministries are Short Term Mission Trips.  Each trip is different based on the needs of those being served and based on what God chooses to do on a specific trip.  However, there is one common thread that ties all of these trips together- the fellowship each team has with one another.  Each day, the members of any given Short Term Mission Team begin and end in prayer, worship, testimony, opening and teaching the Scriptures, and breaking bread.  It is here that the black and white lines of the day are filled in with the colorful memories of what God did in and through a group of willing servants from different homes, denominations, and cultures, but with a common purpose and a common love of Jesus Christ in whose name they came.

In the fellowship of a missions team, all of the experiences of the trip come together in a concentrated and focused way that really can’t be described in words. The only way to understand it… is to GO…

For information on serving with us on a trip, please e-mail

Ready to go on a trip?

Step 1: Fill out a missions application. If you are a returning team member, you only have to fill out the returning team member application.

Step 2: E-mail the above form to:                           
                                          – OR –
Mail it to: SOS Ministries, PO Box 16712, Clearwater, FL 33766

Step 3: Fill out a confirmation form and a $250 deposit for airfare.
SOS Ministries will purchase your ticket for you.
Step 4: Send full airfare 4 weeks before the trip                                           
Once we purchase the airfare, you own the ticket.
Airlines may or may not give a full refund.         
Be sure to view the short term team handbook!                                              
Step 5: Send the full trip cost before you leave on the trip.
Have any questions? Send an e-mail to!

Upcoming Trips

 Central America Summer Trips
July 21 – 28 – El Salvador Ministry Trip
$635 plus airfare or $300 for the extra week
The work continues in El Salvador where we will also get the opportunity to visit schools, an orphanage or two, and do local ministry that culminates in a youth conference on Saturday. It promises to be an amazing trip!

July 27-28 to August 5-8 – Medical and Ministry Trip
$735 plus airfare or $350 for the extra week

We will be running several medical clinics in Honduras and Guatemala in needy areas while also doing a VBS ministry at the same time. Join a multi-cultural, multi-lingual team from four different countries as we share the gospel and demonstrate the love of Christ.

Are you a doctor or dentist? Come see the joy of using your abilities to help others!

Don’t have medical skills but love the Lord and people? We would love to have you join us!

June West Africa Trip
Please pray for our ministry and church planting along with work on our new Pastors Training Center.

Central America Christmas Trip
November 30 – December 7 – El Salvador Christmas Trip
$635 plus airfare
Share the love of Christ, give out Christmas gifts in communities throughout El Salvador! Throw a massive Christmas party at the church building and see the joy on the faces of everyone who comes.

December 6 or 7 – 15 – Honduras and Guatemala Christmas Trip
$685 plus airfare or $300 for the extra week.
The adventure continues as we travel with our El Salvadorian team to Honduras and Guatemala, sharing the gospel, Christmas gifts, and joy in communities that need the love of Christ.


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